Day 1 of Sound of Silence trip to Custer SD

At Truckee

left west sac about 5:30a to meet Bill and Polly at the Rocklin superchargers. Topped off the battery and headed uphill. With 3 passengers and luggage, temp low 50s, elevation change to 4700, we used 480 Wh/mi. Much higher than my usual 350. Next stop is Lovelock NV.       

Made it to wendover, NV or UT. Right on the border. A casino town. 

Made a stop at winnemucca NV and Elko (quite a big city) after Lovelock. No trouble at all having enough energy. In fact, we have been just above the 75mph speed limit most of the way. It has not been inconvenient to stop, as we needed bathroom and food stops anyway, and my lower back needs to get out of the seat regularly. 

Met a nice couple from Danville area today. Now 3 California Teslas in the caravan!

Overall miles today were 552.1 @352 Wh/mile

That’s about 214kWh with 10% charging loss, or about $25 electricity, about 5 cents a mile -paid for by Tesla, or by me in advance šŸ˜‰

The app Glympse has allowed us to keep track of other Teslas converging on Custer. The map had only 5 vehicles moving today, but should show a swarm in a couple days. 

Btw, the back seat is quite comfy for napping. Note view thru panoramic roof. 



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