Days 3-4 tesla rally

We made it to Custer SD this afternoon. What a trip!  Charging was mostly painless, only at Cheyenne WY were 2 chargers offline. 

We’ve met lots of nice people and eaten way too much greasy food šŸ˜

Pix below are of the Colorado national monument, silverthorne CO – near Vale ski area – dinner at Penny’s diner in Cheyenne WY   

      Charging at the flintstones campground tonight. Yabba dabba doooo!  Custer set up over 40 charging sites for us.  What a welcoming place!  Only downside is the downpour. I’m just happy it’s not snowing. I didn’t bring chains šŸ˜³And tomorrow is trailer pickup day. Finally I’ll have my fiberglass pod to camp in. I hope to show the other tesla drivers in the afternoon. 

Sunday I get to see Mount Rushmore. 



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