Trailer’s here

today our adventure was driving from Custer to Gillette. About 120 miles. Half battery to get there, charged at a J1772 for an hour, but we barely made it back. 

My wiring was the wrong gender, so it took trips to autozone and walmart to get things wired. I did bring tools and electrical stuff. 

Seems like the trailer is costing me 10% more energy, but calcs are hard since it was a bit uphill on the return. 

You should have seen the look on the trailer delivery guy’s face when I raised the tesla suspension to fit the ball hitch.  I did have to buy a raised tow bar to get more clearance for the tongue wheel. 

I plan to show off the trailer in the AM. Likely other owners will be interested, at least in the hidden hitch.  

Oh, my spare tesla camera works great to see behind the trailer, and I can display on the screen!



One thought on “Trailer’s here

  1. As a Tesla owner in Colorado, I have made a number of trips over the Divide on I-70, through the Eisenhower tunnel to Silverthorne. Your best bet when descending the long hill from the tunnel is to leave the car in gear, set the cruise control for 60-65 mph, and let regenerative braking add some miles to your battery pack. I typically add from six to nine miles of Rated range on the descent, and never touch the brake pedal. It’s sort of a party trick, but now that my Model S has the traffic-aware cruise control software upgrade I like to set the cruise control at the bottom of the climb out of Denver and never touch the throttle or brake pedals until I make the turnoff at Silverthorne.


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