Tesla trailer tales

Yesterday’s drive from Boulder CO to Silverthorne was a bit anxiety provoking. 

Distance was 80.1 miles

Starting charge was 64% – from Chademo at Boulder Nissan. (Only 15 kW rate).   Temp below 40F on the pass. Raining and snowing. 

I was worried when initial usage was over 900 Wh/m going up the steep grade. I dropped to 43 mph cruise control. Car said “charging needed, projected -10%. My calcs at 500 Wh/m said I should have made it, so I kept my fingers crossed, glided in neutral downhill when safe, and arrived in Silverthorne with 11% left, or 475Wh/mile average. Phew. 

Other legs were between 375 and 465 depending on elevation change and rain. 

Today, Wednesday, we have been anywhere from 350 (downhill 1000 feet in 90 miles) to 430 Wh/mi with some uphill. After playing with the cruise control and watching the grade on the trip estimator, I am seeing about 400 Wh/mi on level ground at 60 mph w cruise control. Not too bad. About 15-20% increase in usage over my usual, but I also have 2 extra people and their luggage with me 😉

The trailer itself has a leak through the left window. This explains the wet carpet and water marks on the wood panel. Little guys are on it and planning to make a new tesla white trailer for June. I slept one night on a work break and it was comfortable but cold. Have to add heat. 

   My spare rear camera to center screen is great! The side mirrors are pretty good views,  but this camera gives a distant view of what’s coming behind me. I did lose the signal a few times as the Fakra connectors are not water proof. An elastic tourniquet has been working to keep the water out. When it was really splashing on the camera, I made a shield of clear packing tape that kept the drops off the lens. I may make an acrylic shield if this keeps happening.    


Supercharging has been fairly easy. If I pull up perpendicular to the chargers, I can plug in and usually block only one extra charger. So far I have only had to remove the trailer once – at the Nissan dealership where it was cramped. In Nephi, I even managed to plug in on the other side of the chargers.   

   I am learning to drive backward with the trailer. You have to watch the trailer and move the steering wheel according – often in the opposite direction from what I would guess.  It’s fun!

The trailer itself is so light that I don’t notice it at all with accelerating. It’s also pretty short so I haven’t cut off any corners or had trouble changing lanes yet. 

The trailer is attracting more attention than the Tesla at this point. Most people have never seen either. 

Last day of trip tomorrow. Then Friday I figure out where to park my trailer in Berkeley 😳


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