Superchargers visited 

The following pix are of SC’s we visited. Only Cheyenne was 1/2 off line on our arrival. Fixed by tesla the next day. Silverthorne was down due to local power issues but working a day later when we arrived. 

 Truckee, behind grocery store  
Lovelock, NV

Winnemucca, NV  
Elko, NV    

West Wendover, NV – casinos on the Nevada-Utah border


Salt Lake City – friendly service center w coffee


Elko, NV


Green river, CO – very dark at night, in the Museum parking lot. 

Glenwood springs, CO


Silverthorne CO outlet stores



Lusk, WY – in the lot of covered wagon motel


Cheyenne, WY – hidden with the RV’s, deep to Olive Garden restaurant. Very narrow slots. 


Grand jxn, WY    

Nephi, UT



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