Superchargers visited 

The following pix are of SC’s we visited. Only Cheyenne was 1/2 off line on our arrival. Fixed by tesla the next day. Silverthorne was down due to local power issues but working a day later when we arrived.   Truckee, behind grocery store   Lovelock, NV Winnemucca, NV   Elko, NV     West Wendover, NV – casinos on the Nevada-Utah border    Salt Lake City – friendly service center w coffee    Elko, NV    Green river, CO – very dark at night, in the Museum parking lot.  Glenwood springs, CO    Silverthorne CO outlet stores I      Lusk, WY … Continue reading Superchargers visited 

Tesla trailer tales

Yesterday’s drive from Boulder CO to Silverthorne was a bit anxiety provoking.  Distance was 80.1 miles Starting charge was 64% – from Chademo at Boulder Nissan. (Only 15 kW rate).   Temp below 40F on the pass. Raining and snowing.  I was worried when initial usage was over 900 Wh/m going up the steep grade. I dropped to 43 mph cruise control. Car said “charging needed, projected -10%. My calcs at 500 Wh/m said I should have made it, so I kept my fingers crossed, glided in neutral downhill when safe, and arrived in Silverthorne with 11% left, or 475Wh/mile … Continue reading Tesla trailer tales

Day 6 of our Custer trip

Today we visited Crazy Horse memorial and Mount Rushmore. What amazing sculptures! To think of the dynamiting and chiseling those granite mountains – truly incredible. And crazy horse’s sculpture will be humongous – his face alone is more than twice the size of Rushmore! We will start back to California tomorrow via Boulder where my cousin Pat lives. The pace will be slower until we figure out how much extra energy the trailer is requiring. I’m hoping that the increase will be offset by my slower speed. At least I know how much energy it takes between superchargers on our … Continue reading Day 6 of our Custer trip

Trailer’s here

today our adventure was driving from Custer to Gillette. About 120 miles. Half battery to get there, charged at a J1772 for an hour, but we barely made it back.  My wiring was the wrong gender, so it took trips to autozone and walmart to get things wired. I did bring tools and electrical stuff.  Seems like the trailer is costing me 10% more energy, but calcs are hard since it was a bit uphill on the return.  You should have seen the look on the trailer delivery guy’s face when I raised the tesla suspension to fit the ball … Continue reading Trailer’s here

Days 3-4 tesla rally

We made it to Custer SD this afternoon. What a trip!  Charging was mostly painless, only at Cheyenne WY were 2 chargers offline.  We’ve met lots of nice people and eaten way too much greasy food 😁 Pix below are of the Colorado national monument, silverthorne CO – near Vale ski area – dinner at Penny’s diner in Cheyenne WY          Charging at the flintstones campground tonight. Yabba dabba doooo!  Custer set up over 40 charging sites for us.  What a welcoming place!  Only downside is the downpour. I’m just happy it’s not snowing. I didn’t bring chains 😳And tomorrow is … Continue reading Days 3-4 tesla rally

Day 2 tesla trip to Custer SD

nice drive from wendover NV to Salt Lake City and now in grand jxn Colorado.  Very windy but scattered clouds and scattered sun beams. I am so glad it’s not hot. We have been passing through salt flats and deserts. I would likely drive nights if it were full summer sun.  Car has been great! No problems with getting from charger to charger.  Dad even drove some today 😳 2 more days to Custer, then Saturday I pick up my trailer😄 Some pix              Continue reading Day 2 tesla trip to Custer SD

Day 1 of Sound of Silence trip to Custer SD

At Truckee left west sac about 5:30a to meet Bill and Polly at the Rocklin superchargers. Topped off the battery and headed uphill. With 3 passengers and luggage, temp low 50s, elevation change to 4700, we used 480 Wh/mi. Much higher than my usual 350. Next stop is Lovelock NV.        Made it to wendover, NV or UT. Right on the border. A casino town.  Made a stop at winnemucca NV and Elko (quite a big city) after Lovelock. No trouble at all having enough energy. In fact, we have been just above the 75mph speed limit most of … Continue reading Day 1 of Sound of Silence trip to Custer SD