EV background

my first EV, over 10 years ago, was a 1976 Sebring vanguard Citicar. I have rewired many parts, including installing a new motor and controller. Amazingly, since electronic controllers were not readily available in the 70’s, the change from low to high “gears” was managed with a series of switches and relays, using only 1/2 the battery pack at the start. It worked but was jerky and wore out half the batteries early. This car is still in my driveway. Picture to come. 

Next EVs were a converted pickup truck and then a Corbin Sparrow built in 2000 in Hollisyer Ca by the famous Corbin motorcycle accessories people. I recently installed lithium batteries with help from Joe S, and Kermit drive in the Guiness world record “most EV’s in a parade at De Anza college last fall. 

I have a Chevy Volt, which is a hybrid electric. I love the car but had to use gas for trips out of town. 

Finally, I have a 2014 tesla S with over 17k miles now. I am starting a road trip “sound of silence” tomorrow, where over 50 Teslas will meet at Custer SD for a gathering this coming weekend. 


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